Ezipay Online Casinos

If you are regular and big time online casino player, then you would be always on the lookout for newer and better payment options which will help you to transfer and withdraw funds to and from your account quite easily. The reason why this particular payment option has become so popular is because of the fact that it is virtually an Ewallet in your pocket. You can use this facility for any type of legal purchase and sale of goods and services. Since online casino gaming is also a very widely used entertainment option, it is quite natural for most of us to look at more and more efficient methods of payments and transfers. Ezipay casinos are those casinos which is nothing but an online casino company that allows you to use EZIPay to transact all your transactions when it comes to such online casino websites. The concept under which this whole thing operates is quite simple. All that you need to do is to transfer your money to your EZIPay account. Once this is done, you can use the same to play in the various ezipay casinos that are spread across the various corners of the world. In the same way if you have money coming in from such ezipay casinos you can have them transferred to your EZIPay account from where you can again send it to your bank account.

Opening an EZIPay account is not very difficult and it can be done quite easily just by producing some simple proof that you are the account holder. Once an account opening formality if completed, you are ready to transact with the various ezipay casinos that you have chosen. PaySpark is the service provider who acts as an intermediary for such transactions.

Though the advantages for outweigh the shortcomings using ezipay casinos there is one genuine concern that needs to be addressed. Many casino owners are still reluctant to offer EZIPay as a mode of payment and unless this is sorted out the growth of EZIPay will continue to remain stunted.